cmExe - Animated Explainer


Manufacturers producing products for the construction industry have unique challenges not seen in other industries. Challenges spanning design and engineering, procurement and supply chain management, production, assembly, shipping, and logistics through to final onsite installation and signoff. cmExe's 100% web and model-based tracking and manufacturing execution system allows you to leverage your production 3D BIM/CAD model to automatically visualize the bill of materials, generate unique QR codes or RFID tag for each part and/or assembly, define custom workflows for the production to the installation process of each of these parts and assemblies, and use mobile devices to update part, assembly, and cargo statuses to execute the job. Leverage in-app custom form builders to digitize current paper tracking processes used in the factory. Batch traceability allows you to link and associate all raw materials used in all final assemblies. Nesting optimization tools in cmExe enable lean manufacturing principles on every project. Enhance your customer experience and get paid faster by inviting your clients to cmExe's web interface reporting tools dashboard and 3D model allowing them to view and sign-off on the project directly in cmExe.